Regular soft tissue therapy and massage should be a regular part of your routine, to help you recover and recuperate. 


These benefits are for everyone, not just people who lead physically demanding lifestyles.


  • Improves micro-circulation (working at a cellular level to enhance the overall health of your muscles)
  • Relaxes muscular tension, improves joint flexibility, accelerates tissue recovery after intensive training
  • Specialised techniques facilitate restoration of muscle fibres to their optimal length
  • Calms the mind and aids restful sleep, helping you to switch-off and recover mentally, as well as physically


While it has a number of benefits, deep tissue massage may not always be suitable as it could aggravate certain conditions. If you have a recent severe injury, a blood disorder, diabetes or an infection of any kind please contact me for advice. If your condition only affects a small area it is usually perfectly safe, and advantageous, to treat the unaffected areas.

Allergy Advice

I work with NAQI ULTRA massage lotion which is hypo-allergenic and virtually fragrance-free. It is a water-based lotion which is widely used by elite athletes. It doesn’t leave any oily residue on skin or clothing. For further information on the Naqi brand please visit


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