Treatment Overview

All treatments are fully customised to suit the needs of each client, utilising a combination of techniques aimed at achieving the best results. Sessions include joint/muscle assessment, treatment and re-assessment so progress can be tracked.  


Sports Massage has become a generic term for deeper massage techniques and is not a stand-alone therapy, or one limited to active people!  This style of massage has many benefits outsite of the sports arena and is rapidly being adopted by the general population.  It includes a combination of different massage and assisted stretching treatments. 


For someone who is regularly participating in physical activity, massage should be an integral part of any training or regular exercise recovery programme.


The therapist's secret to relieving the pain of muscle spasms, very common in the upper back, neck and shoulders.  These techniques use specific and isolated applied pressure to influence the nervous system response which is causing the spasm. Aside from the pain associated with them, muscle spasms usually reduce normal functional movement and can affect your ability to sleep properly. These techniques have a proven track record and are extremely popular with clients.



Friction is used to treat areas which have become badly 'congested' from a build up of scar tissue and adhesions deep within the muscle.


The aim is to help separate fibres which have started to 'stick' together which helps to restore normal function to those tissues.



Muscle Energy Techniques are stretching techniques which are painless, extremely affective and completely non-invasive.  These work with the body’s reflex system to re-set shortened, over-used muscle fibres to their normal resting length and restore your full range of movement.  MET is usually performed with clients fully clothed and works most effectively when used alongside other soft tissue treatments.


Soft Tissue Release is a hybrid of deep tissue massage and specific, localised stretching of muscle fibres.  It's effects cannot be achieved from normal functional stretching exercises.  Treatments are highly effective, quick and are usually performed through clothing.  This technique is ideal for achieving results quickly and working in environments where removal of clothing might be impractical.


Chair Massage is a "pit-stop" treatment, ideal for people who are pushed for time, and is especially beneficial to anyone who suffers from back, neck and shoulder fatigue and stress.  Treatments are performed through clothing using a specially designed chair and only take 15 minutes. Each session treats the upper and lower back, shoulders, neck, scalp and arms.


Kinesio Taping has been widely used within the sports arena since 1988 but was developed in the 1970's as a method of providing treatment which could continue to deliver benefits to patients at home.  This therapeutic tape stimulates the skin in various ways (depending on the application technique used) to help reduce pain, inflammation and swelling.  



Aromatherapy Massage treatments will be available later in the year.   More details to follow soon.

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