Sports Massage

Sports Massage has become a generic term for deeper massage techniques so, strictly speaking, is not a stand-alone therapy.  This type of massage has many benefits outsite of the sports arena too and is rapidly being adopted by the general population.


Massage in the context of sport or activity is essentially 'fatigue management'. The aim of treatment is to restore and maintain optmimal muscle and joint health, thereby enhancing training and, ultimately, improving performance.  It should be an integral part of any training or regular exercise regime.


REST is the best form of recovery for an athlete – massage improves the quality, speed and effectiveness of these rest periods, enabling you to return to training sooner. This is particularly beneficial if you have events in close proximity or a heavy schedule of back-to-back training blocks.


In a competitive context, treatments before, during and after events are also extremely beneficial as part of your overall event preparation as well as your recovery afterwards.

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